you're gonna break my heart anyway

Public Friends Announcment

These people didn't comment on this entry:


If it was because I didn't make that entry public, then it was my fault. That is why I made this entry public, just in case and I also made that entry public as well. If you want to stay on my friends list, PLEASE comment on this entry, because I would like to cut as few people as possible

Please note that not everyone on the list above will be cut. I'm just trying to see who does and who doesn't want to be my friend anymore.
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you're gonna break my heart anyway

My arm itches.

COLIN: I'm sorry, I was amused by your accent. You will never take me. I will
say, as my fathers and forefathers said before me when anyone tried to
capture them... "My poodle's stuck in the heater vent." And once my poodle is
free, he will chew your ankles down to the bone.
RYAN: You would hide behind a dog, like the dog you are.
COLIN: Hey. Hey.
RYAN: I shall take you back. And as you hang from that rope, I will look up
to you and say... "Let me be your love monkey." Perhaps I have said too much.
COLIN: I'm getting mixed signals here.

I know I just did one, but I think its time for another.


Comment if you want to stay- most of you will, but comment just in case.
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you're gonna break my heart anyway

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Hello, hello!

This would be mongolianmergen raiding neko_erin's journal for the purpose of hacking all her stuff and ruining her reputation outfitting her with a brand spanking new layout! You should all CLICK HERE and take a look at it.

Comment on this entry to let me know if there are any problems or if something looks horrendously awful so that I can try and fix it. Keep in mind this is my first time going about making a LiveJournal layout via the styles that paid members have, so if you know how to fix something or add something, that's helpful too.
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