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you're gonna break my heart anyway

December 2008

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you're gonna break my heart anyway

My arm itches.

COLIN: I'm sorry, I was amused by your accent. You will never take me. I will
say, as my fathers and forefathers said before me when anyone tried to
capture them... "My poodle's stuck in the heater vent." And once my poodle is
free, he will chew your ankles down to the bone.
RYAN: You would hide behind a dog, like the dog you are.
COLIN: Hey. Hey.
RYAN: I shall take you back. And as you hang from that rope, I will look up
to you and say... "Let me be your love monkey." Perhaps I have said too much.
COLIN: I'm getting mixed signals here.

I know I just did one, but I think its time for another.


Comment if you want to stay- most of you will, but comment just in case.


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Keep me pwease! :DD
Of course!! :D
Keep me as well as my icon journal i've just been really lazy lately...actually i've been playing games...eh-heh yeah ^.^;
XD ::keeps::
I wanna stay your fwiend! :'(
And I want to stay yours :D ::keeps::
Keep me... unless you're sick of me. ^^; hehe
I could never get sick of you XD ::hugs::
Cool icon. o.o

I hope you're keeping me. ^_^; Even though I'm annoying.
lol Thanks XD

'Course I'll keep you! And you're not annoying, not at all!
I want to stay <3
I wasn't gonna cut you anyway :D <333
Hey, I think I saw that episode of Who's Line is it Anyway? last night. ^^

I would love to stay, pleaaase. *^^* <3
Really? Its one of my favorites ^^

Of course!! <3
Keep me or die! >XD Fu fu fu~
Mwah! I dun wanna die!!! XD ::keeps::
....myuu. :x
::glomps:: XD <3
I do remember one of these recently, but yesh I do wish to stay. I will update sumtime, I really mean it. Thanks - JP
lol ::keeps::
I want to stay!
'course you're staying!! Afterall, I "claimed" you XD ::hugs:: <3333
::pokes back:: XD
Mememememe, keep me! :O :D?
youyouyouyouyou, I'll keep you!! XD <33333

(ps. I love your kitties!!!!!!!!)
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