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>>Erin Marie

[will you be the cheese to my macaroni?]

farting in a formal manner
16 September 1989

♥ E | R | I | N ♥

I'm ♥18♥

Nebraska;; is where i'm currently located;

I'm not --cool--

{though ii sometimes act like I am}

I’m W E I R D L Y normal

--unbelievably-- F|R|I|E|N|D|L|Y

polite && sarcastic

hopelessly hopeful

funny {{looking}} lol j/k



and too loud for my own good;;

I know right from wrong and I will not do anything that will put myself or someone else in a d a n g e r o u s situation

I ♥love my friends more then anything in the world ♥ ♥ ♥

♥ Allison, Katie, Jenay, Kayla, Raini && so many others: You mean the world to me

T | W | O siblings: Big bro Rob && [B-E-S-T F-R-I-E-N-D] and little sister Tabby

(+ one < t w i n >: Jenay! :P)

My family has a lot of problems

but, then again, don’t all families??

I have F A I T H in ♥ Jesus Christ

S w i m m i n g is my passion.

Honestly? I have no idea idea what my future holds and I think I'm all right with that

To see my claims, fanlistings, colorbars, etc. go here.

Mood Themes
Blake Lewis-miggy
Edward Elric & Yugi/Yami- nalavashi
Edward Elric [manga]- dynast_harmonia
Fullmetal Alchemist Manga- adaneko
Jensen Ackles/Dean Winchester- lostmemento